Pasig Rainforest Park | How Good Is The RAVE Pasig Experience?

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Pasig Rainforest Park | How Good Is The RAVE Pasig Experience?

Pasig Rainforest Park has been rebranded as RAVE Pasig (Rainforest AdVenture Experience) but how good is it? Is it really worth RAVING about? Lets find out…

RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park

Had enough of the stresses of city life? Are you looking for an escape back to nature that is still in the heart of Metro Manila? You don’t need to go too far to blend with nature and have fun. Visit RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park this weekend! A perfect getaway to recharge your batteries… Well, that is what the promotions all tell us… But is the RAVE rainforest as good as they say it is?

RAVE Pasig Adventure park

Entrance to the Adventure Park

It looks like it’s in the province somewhere far from the city, but it’s not. RAVE is like Quezon City’s La Mesa Eco Park, Pangasinan’s Sunflower Maze, Baguio’s Wright Park (the fountain area facing The Mansion), etc. Seriously, The RAVE rainforest in Pasig is like combining several theme and adventure parks in one.

I was amazed at how affordable the price is. There’s no entrance fee so you can walk in and look around for free before deciding what you want to do. Each attraction has it’s own price so you can budget yourself dependig on what you want to do. Discounts apply to students, senior citizens, PWD, children and Pasig residents.

RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park Review

I must admit, I was surprised at the amount and variety of things to do at the park. If you feel like taking it easy you can enjoy the mini train, pedal boats, butterfly sanctuary or flower garden. If you like puzzles and mazes you must try the aMaze Garden, I loved it. There is also a mini-zoo and Gym.

pasig rainforest park map

You can also rent the spaces and gazebos for a small fee although there are no air-conditioned venues. Still cheaper than others. There is also a playground for kids and a for seniors only park. There is also a waterpark for those all-too-often hot days when all you want is to swim.

Purchasing a package is recommended, to maximize attractions. They also have Educational Tour Packages worth ₱1,000 per bus w/ train & butterfly pavilion.

RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park Pterodactyl
I just had to have a pic with the Pterodactyl
RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park Brachiosaurus
Brachiosaurus guarding the entrance

The place is huge! The first thing you see as soon as you enter the park is the life-sized Brachiosaurus ( a dinosaur which lived during Jurassic period) and everyone’s favorite, T-Rex.

We also saw a Pterodactyl and Triceratops along the way and I just had to stop for a few pics…

Trivia: Did you know that Pterodactyl are technically not dinosaurs, some had a coat of fur. And their wings were made of a leathery substance. Triceratops is the genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that first appeared during the late Maastrichtian stage of the late Cretaceous period, in what is now North America.

Lets Get Wet!

RAVE Pasig is one of the best places to go swimming as it houses the biggest, most beautiful and modernized swimming pools around Metro Manila. The waterpark consisting of two adult swimming pools, two Kids pools, and a mini Olympic-sized pool.The newly-constructed water rapids that flows around the Mini-Olympic-sized pool area is guaranteed to please the whole family. Other facilities include various rapid and water slides, a pavilion, cottages, and picnic tables.

RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park Pool area
RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park Waterpark

RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park Review

Adventure Park

The RAVE Rainforest in Pasig is much more than just a rainforest, it also includes a skate park, a rappelling & wall climbing, an obstacle course, and the tallest and longest Zip Line in Metro Manila (18 meters & 200 meters long.) And the worst thing about it is I didn’t have time to try the Zipline… There is always next time.

This is a great place for Team Building and other company recreational activities.

aMAZE Garden

If you feel like a challenge but wall climbing isn’t your thing then why not try a maze. And don’t worry if you get lost for a while, there are plenty of fictional characters along the way to keep you entertained. The RAVE aMAZE Garden has its own version of the theme “Alice in Wonderland.” Give it a go, I liked it, why wouldn’t you… The entry fee is only ₱10.

Rave Amaze Garden Tower

Amaze Garden Medieval Tower at the start of the labyrinth

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