Padi’s Point Bar and Restaurant Review

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Padi's Point Bar and Restaurant Review

Padi’s Point Bar and Restaurant Antipolo may be a bit of a drive from manila, not to mention the traffic and tolls but still it keeps drawing people back… Find out why…

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Padi’s Point Bar and Restaurant is a long trip from the metro, especially in peak hour traffic, but take my word for it… It is well worth it.

After ascending winding roads that seem to never end you arrive at a nicely lit glass enclosed restaurant. It is when you enter and become overwhelmed by the breathtaking panoramic views of the metro that you appreciate all you went through to get there

Padi’s Point Bar and Restaurant Review

This is the best place to be with that special someone without anybody knowing you are there. Good food, good company, good views and all the privacy and time to enjoy them all. Absolutely romantic and a great hangout place with friends as well. But be warned, it can get crowded on weekends.

This is an open air restaurant that serves classic Filipino food. Definitely if you want a romantic time it is best to go at night when the city lights shimmer across the manila city backdrop. I loved the fact that they identified the buildings making it easier to spot relevant landmarks and points of interest.

Top marks to the Staff. I felt welcome right from the start when the waiters gave us a warm welcome upon Arrival. They were always willing to help and once seated the staff was always eager to make us feel comfortable.

Padi's Point Bar and Restaurant Views of Manila

Views of Manila

A few people have said that the restaurant was not very clean the last time they had visited. Well, we visited at night and we had no complaints about the cleanliness of the venue. Sure, the odd moth did fly into the restaurant but that is to be expected with all the lights drawing the moths in.

There was one area that needs attention though. Gary found the male amenities to be a little on the unhygienic side but he did also say he had seen worse.

Padi's Point Bar and Restaurant Romantic

The food At Padi’s Point Bar and Restaurant Antipolo

The food was ok but nothing special. If you come to this restaurant you should be coming for the views and romantic atmosphere, and the food should be second. If your priorities are in this order then you wont be disappointed.

I ordered the Pork Sisig and taste-wise it was good but not the taste explosion I was hoping for. It wasn’t too spicy and actually tasted a little home-made. Compared to fast food it is good but only average when compared to what you expect from a restaurant.

Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig

We also ordered the Pork Sinigang which was pretty good. This was the crispy pork sinigang and the pork was nice and crispy and full of flavor.

Padi's Crispy pork Belly Sinigong

Padi’s Crispy Pork Sinigong

Another dish we tried was grilled liempo. which was a nice size and color and best of all… Juicy an full of flavor. This one was a winner…




Padi’s Point Bar and Restaurant Antipolo is definitely a good venue for a romantic night out.

If you are coming just for the food then think again… you can get better food elsewhere in Antipolo for the same price or maybe even cheaper. But, then ofcourse, you won’t have the views.

If you treat the venue as a whole experience then you will be happy. Take in the atmosphere and the sounds, the music and the views. The food will compliment it all without taking center stage.

We totally recommend visiting to chill out over a few drinks and finger food.

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