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3 min readOct 27, 2017

Cloud 9 Antipolo Restaurant — Definitely a romantic spot for couples and a popular place for sight-seers. But how does the food and the restaurant rate? Let’s find out…

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Every now and then it is good to escape to Antipolo just to witness the golden sun setting over the big city, Metro Manila. Cloud 9 is one of the few restaurants with front row seats to this spectacular view. And you can not deny how romantic it can all be.

If you want to make it an afternoon there you can have admission to the resorts pool without being a Hotel guest. The entrance fee to the pool was quite reasonable from memory but check at the hotel for the latest prices to be sure.

Cloud 9 Antipolo Restaurant Review

As you can see from the picture, the tables and chairs are getting a little old but the view seems to be timeless. Also, if you order food at the restaurant you get free admission to the Hanging Bridge and the 360 degree viewing deck which is good as an after-dinner activity. The hanging bridge climb is long and shaky and for those with vertigo it might be a touch scary but it all adds to the experience. And at the top you have amazing 360 degree views that you can’t get from the restaurant. The Cloud 9 Antipolo Restaurant view-deck is definitely a “must-see”.

As the sun sets and the twilight creeps in the Metro Manila backdrop comes alive…

Cloud 9 Antipolo Restaurant Review

Restaurant Menu

The Food

As soon as we arrived I ordered a Halo Halo and waited patiently…. and waited… and waited… Almost 35 minutes later they finally came with the Halo Halo but no apology for the slow service.. We then had a quick look around as I had the Halo Halo before being seated for dinner. FYI, the Halo Halo was fairly average… not good and not bad.

Cloud 9 Fried Chicken (Half) P264

Fried chicken served with atchara

Gary and I both liked the fried chicken.. it was moist and tasty. Not too oily and crispy when and where it needed to be. It was a good simple meal with little for us to complain about.

Pancit Canton Guisado

Pancit Canton Guisado

I found the Pancit to be rather bland and tasteless compared to others I have tried so I was a little disappointed. Gary said he also found it to be fairly average and gave it the “thumbs-down”.

We also had the Spicy Calamari and the Cloud 9 Beef Kare Kare even though I didn’t get a good picture of both.

We both found the Calamari a bit overcooked and chewy which was a let down because I love my calamari.

The Beef kare Kare on the other hand was very good. Full of taste with just the right amount of spices to suit both of our tastes. This was a winner.


As for the service, there is opportunity for much improvement in service and customer relation skills for most of the staff. Service was slow but not painful enough to make us leave.. just annoying when you are hungry… (lol).

The food did have a few highlights (the Cloud 9 Beef Kare Kare was very good) but on average it was unspectacular and.. well.. average…

The view… well the view makes up for it all… That is only if you are fortunate not to be there on a really crowded night. Many people just go for the views and don’t order a meal s you can have people coming and going and talking in groups that quite often disturbs the ambiance and romantic atmosphere of the location.

But, if you are lucky to be there on a good night, usually during the week… it can be amazing.

Cloud 9 Antipolo Restaurant Review
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